How to Get to Moyo Island


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Written by Niko Tujuhlangit


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Have you ever heard about Moyo Island? Or maybe you're planning to get there? Moyo Island is an island located in the north of Sumbawa. The island offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The nature is unspoiled and still very natural. Some of the destinations on the island are Matajitu Waterfall, Diwu Mbai Waterfall, Tanjung Pasir Beach. For those of you who love snorkeling, try to visit Takat Segele, you will be amazed by the wide variety of colorful fish.


There is a luxury resort in Moyo Island (Amanwana Resort), people said that in order to be able to stay there, we have to spend up more than ten millions rupiah per night. The late Lady Diana, female tennis player Maria Sharapova, footballer Edwin Van Der Sar and Mick Jagger were reported to have ever been to this island.


To visit Moyo Island is not easy because transportation in Sumbawa is still inadequate. How to get there? Here I share some notes based on the trip I have ever done with two friends.


1. Towards Lombok

You can first go to Lombok. To get to Lombok there are various modes of transportation.


Currently there are several airlines from Jakarta (The Capital of Indonesia) to Lombok, such as Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air. Or you can also search for the plane to Bali and then continue the journey to Lombok by plane or by ship from the port of Padang Bay, Bali.


2. Lombok International Airport – Sweta

Arriving in Lombok Airport, take Bus Damri (Damri is the name of the Bus. It is wellknown transport service provider in Indonesia) to Sweta, Lombok.


You can get off at Damri bus pool in Sweta. Travel time from the airport to Sweta is approximately one hour. The Bus fee is 19 thousands rupiah (per November 2013).


3. Sweta – Kayangan Port

From Sweta, the next destination is Kayangan Port. In Sweta you can find Engkel (a kind of public transportation) to Kayangan Port. The fee was around 20-25 thousands rupiah. Travel time from Sweta to Kayangan Port by Engkel is about 2.5 hours. Another alternative, you can hire a taxi or public transportation to Kayangan Port.


At that time we hired a taxi from the Damri Bus Pool in Sweta. By renting a car or taxi, it will save your time. It only takes about 1.5 hours from Sweta to Kayangan Port.


4. Kayangan PortPototano Port, Sumbawa

At Kayangan Port, there are boats or ferries to Pototano Port, Sumbawa.


Based on the information we got from the port staff, the ferry/boat schedule is every hour for 24 hours. So you don’t need to worry about missing the ferry/boat. The fares are not too expensive, only about 19 thousands rupiah per passenger (per November 2013). It takes for about 2 hours from Kayangan Port to Pototano Port. You can find shop that provides various snacks in the ferry.



5. Pototano PortSumbawa Besar

Arriving at the Pototano Port, you can catch a bus to Sumbawa Besar. The buses are from Maluk and Taliwang. But based on our experience, the bus schedule is uncertain. So I suggest that you should be in Pototano the latest at noon. Actually, there are buses from Lombok to Sumbawa Besar, but local people we met at Pototano Port said to us that  those buses do not want to pick up passengers at the Pototano Port.


If you don’t have any agenda or places to visit prior to Moyo Island, then you can take direct bus from Lombok to Sumbawa Besar (Just fyi, there many beautiful places you can visit prior to Moyo Island).The bus can be found in Terminal Mandalika (Mandalika Bus Station), Lombok. In addition you can also use Damri Bus from Sweta to Sumbawa Besar (For schedule, you can contact Damri Sweta: (0370) 671 240 ).


6. Sumbawa Besar – Moyo Island

In Sumbawa Besar, there are several ports where you can find ship or boat to Moyo Island, i.e. Labuan Badas, Muara Kali and Ai Bari.


However, based on the information we got during a visit there, in Labuan Badas we should rent a boat. While on Ai Bari we did not get more detailed information about the ship or boat to Moyo.


At that time we headed to Moyo from Muara Kali. Muara Kali is still located in the city center. In Muara Kali, we boarded the ship or boat that is usually used by local people to go to Sumbawa Besar from Moyo and vice versa. This boat usually carries citizens who head from Moyo to Sumbawa Besar for various purposes such as shopping, meeting their families in Sumbawa Besar, etc. At that time we boarded the ship or boat of Pak Abu Bakr (otherwise known as Mr Alex). We paid 100 thousand rupiah for three persons.



7. Return to Sumbawa Besar

There are some options to cross from MoyoIsland to Sumbawa Besar.


a. Using the boat as I mentioned in point number 6 above

The boat usually crosses from Moyo Island to Muara Kali Port (In Sumbawa Besar) everyday. But sometimes it may not exist. That's what we experienced during a visit there. At that time, we planned to return to Sumbawa Besar on Friday, but we got the information that the boat would not cross to Sumbawa Besar on Friday due to a reason we did not know (it might be due to the bad weather). We then finally decided to return to Sumbawa Besar on Thursday (1 day earlier).


b. Renting a boat

Of course, renting a boat will cost more. But if there is no choice, you may want to try this alternative.


c. Amanwana Resort’s Boat

Every Thursday morning, Amanwana Resort provides a free boat for the Moyo People to cross over to Sumbawa Besar.


Another alternative, you can get on Amanwana Resort boat that is usually used to bring Amanwana Resort’s employees to cross over to Sumbawa Besar. The boat departed about 16:00 PM from Amanwana Resort to Sumbawa Besar. Based on the information we obtained, there is a quota for non-Amanwana employee passengers who want to get on the boat. We need to register in advance as soon as possible in order to get a spot.


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