Are you planning on traveling to flores? Here are some interesting places you can visit

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Writer: Niko Tujuhlangit


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Flores was recently selected as Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Regions Best In Travel 2015. This is certainly a good thing for Indonesian tourism.


The question is why Flores? Whereas there are many wonderful travel destinations in Indonesia? If you've been to Flores, you may agree with Lonely Planet’s choice. Flores is rich in various natural and cultural beauty. Flores is a paradise for tourists, especially those who love beach, island and diving. Besides, there is one unique animal in the world that only exists in Flores; The Komodo Dragon.


For those of you who have never been to Flores and planning to travel there, here are some cool travel destinations in Flores, which can be included in your list :).


1. Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the entrance to the beauty of Flores. If you want to sail and explore the beautiful islands around it, then you can start from Labuan Bajo. I suggest you to explore Labuan Bajo for one or two days before or after sailing.


2. Waecicu Beach

Waecicu beach can be reached from Labuan Bajo by motorcycle or car for about 1-1.5 hours. But road to the beach is not smooth. We are going through the hills and rocky road.


3. Rinca Island (Loh Buaya)

Rinca Island is one of the islands that is inhabited by Komodo Dragons. It is about 2 hours sailing from Labuan Bajo.


In Rinca Island we can take some trekking package options. Some of the options are short trekking, medium trekking and long trekking. When visited there, I took medium trekking, which is about 2 hours trekking. During trekking, if you are lucky, you may find Komodo.



4. Kambing Island

Kambing means “goat”. I snorkeled here during saling before visiting Pink Beach.



5. Pink Beach

This beach is famous for its pink sand beach. You can snorkel here. It’s underwater is quite beautiful.


6. Komodo Island

No doubt, it is the island that you must visit. You can also find Komodo here.


7. Karang Makassar (Manta Point)

If you are lucky, you can find and swim with Manta Rays here. It is located for about 1,5 hours from Komodo Island.


8. Kanawa Island

It is one of the most famous island in Flores. There is resort here.


9. Waerebo Village

Waerebo Village is a traditional village situated on a hill. We must trekking around 3-4 hours from Denge Village. Denge Village is the last village that can be reached by car.


10. Lake Kelimutu

Lake Kelimutu is located close to Moni; a small town in Flores. Kelimutu lake consists of three main craters, which have different colors


11. Kajuwulu

Kajuwulu is name of a place in Maumere. There is a hill that you can climb here. You can find cross on it’s top.


12. Virgin Mary Statue in Bukit Nilo, Maumere

This statue was built on a hill. From here we can see a great view of Maumere City.

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