Camping on Saonek Monde Island, Raja Ampat


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Writer : Niko Tujuhlangit


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Who would not want to visit the Raja Ampat; or also known as The Four Kings? Raja Ampat is one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world. Raja Ampat is also favourite diving spot, not only for local divers but also divers from abroad. Raja Ampat is not only beautiful with its underwater world, but also the view over the sea surface. Many people wants to visit it.


Raja Ampat is one of the districts in Papua Barat Province (West Papua), Indonesia. There are hundreds of unspoiled and exotic islands in Raja Ampat. Well, this time i want to tell you about an island in Raja Ampat, it is Saonek Monde Island. It is based on my experience when we visited Raja Ampat in 2012.


How to Get to the Saonek Monde Island?

Saonek Monde is located not too far from Waisai. Waisai is the capital of Raja Ampat District. To get to the Saonek Monde Island, we have to go to Sorong first. At that time I departed from Jakarta to Sorong by plane. The plane transitted in Makassar and then continued to Sorong. Flights from Makassar to Sorong takes about two hours. Our plane landed at Domino Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong.


From the airport, we rented a car to the Pelabuhan Rakyat, Sorong. At Pelabuhan Rakyat, there is ship to cross over to Waisai. At that time our ship departed at 14:00 local time and arrived at Waisai at around 17.30 local time. Finally, from Waisai you can hire a boat to cross to Saonek Monde Island. It takes about 20-30 minutes from Waisai to Saonek Monde Island. Please always check the updated schedule of the ship if you want to visit there.


At that time I and three friends camping on Saonek Monde after exploring Wayag Islands. Wayag Islands is one of the destinations that you must visit in Raja Ampat. Below is one of the sights in Wayag Islands.


From Wayag Islands, prior to Saonek Monde, we stopped first at Waiwo. From Waiwo then we cross to the Saonek Monde. We arrived at the island around 16:15. On this island there is a dock that is still well maintained. After unloading, the ship that we rented to explore Raja Ampat returned to Waisai. We then looked for the spot to set up tent. It is not hard to find a spot to set up tent on the island. We chose a spot under a tree near the beach.


The island is uninhabited and there is no hotel/lodging. So, the island is completely deserted of course. No bathroom…No toilet…. :) ...


Saonek Monde is still filled with lush trees. The green sea water around the dock will make anyone tempted to swim or snorkel. Unfortunately at that time I was too tired and not in a good mood to swim or snorkel.



Enjoying Sunset on the Island

That afternoon I took myself to capture the beauty of the island. Saonek Monde Island is one of the island where we can watch beautiful sunset.


That afternoon at the dock..



The sky color became more and more beautiful ...



Even after sunset, the sky was getting more beautiful


In the evening, I also captured the beauty of the Saonek Monde.


That night we also saw Halo, which certainly adds to the beauty of the night in Saonek Monde.


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