Beautiful Islands in Sumbawa


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Sumbawa may not be as famous as Bali, Lombok or Flores in terms of tourism. But that does not mean Sumbawa not have a natural beauty that is worth visiting. One of the strengths of tourism is the island. There are many islands in Sumbawa are worth visiting. This is a list of some of the beautiful islands that you can visit when traveling to Sumbawa.


1. Kenawa Island

Kenawa Island offers the combination of beautiful beach, underwater world, grassland and amazing view from the top of the hill. A combination that may be not found in another islands. Here, there is a small hill that we could climb. From the top of the hill we can enjoy the beautiful landscape of this island.

Grassland in Kenawa Island


2. Paserang Island

With a boat ride for about 45 minutes from the Kenawa Island, we've been able to get on the other island that is equally beautiful with Kenawa Island. It is Paserang Island. Characteristics of the island is almost similar to Kenawa Island. There are hill, grassland, beautiful beaches and underwater. The atmosphere when the sun rises and sets on this island is really beautiful.



3. Bedil Island/Gili Bedil

Gili Bedil can be reached from the area of Labuan Pade, Utan. Around Gili Bedil we can enjoy a very broad group of coral.



4. Temudung Island/Gili Temudung

Gili Temudung is close to Gili Bedil. So if you want to visit Gili Bedil, you might as well visit this island. In Gili Temudung we can find elongated sand.



5.  Keramat Island/Gili Keramat

Gili Keramat is also close to Gili Bedil and Gili Temudung. The island is still relatively quiet.



6.  Moyo Island

Moyo Island is probably one of the most famous destinations in Sumbawa. Lady Diana, Maria Sharapova, Edwin Van Der Sar and Mick Jagger are reported to have visited this island. In Moyo Island we can enjoy several travel destination such as Matajitu Waterfall, Diwu Mbai Waterfall, Tanjung Pasir. For those of you who love to snorkel, try visiting Takat Segele, guaranteed you will be amazed by the colorful fishes.


Takat Segele, One of snorkeling spots in Moyo


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