Oro-Oro Ombo, The Beauty of Mount Semeru

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Photographs by Niko TujuhLangit and Dahlia

Expanse of weeds and grasslands or often referred to as the Savana; is one of the unique sight that can be encountered on the mountain. The examples are Sabana Selo in Mount Merbabu, Sabana Sembalun in Mount Rinjani and many more. Beside the two savanas, there is another beautiful savana that i recommend you to visit. If you like Savana, it is not complete if you have not visited this beautiful place. Its name is Oro-Oro Ombo. Oro-Oro Ombo is the name of a place on Mount Semeru. If we climb Mount Semeru, then we will pass through this place. It's right next to the area of Lake Ranukumbolo; The icon of Mount Semeru. From the lake we will pass “Tanjakan Cinta” first. “Tanjakan Cinta” or “Rise of Love” is a rise between Lake Ranukumbolo and Oro-Oro Ombo which is believed that if we don’t look back while climbing the rise, what we wish would come true. But, however this is a myth that you may/may not believe. After reaching the top end of “Tanjakan Cinta”, the alluring scenery will be presented in front of you.


Here (in Oro-Oro Ombo) there is vast grassland and pine trees. In addition, we can find colorful flowers in the middle of the grassland. It’s beautiful. This grassland is surrounded by charming green hills.



During the summer, around June to September, this grassland will usually dry up and turn brown. However, the view of Oro-Oro Ombo is still interesting and we can see the “other side” of this place; compared to its appearance during the rainy season. Blue sky looks contrast with the yellow weeds. If the weather is sunny, we can see Mahameru (the peak of Mount Semeru) from Oro-Oro Ombo.




For photography lovers, do not miss the opportunity to spend your memory card here. If possible, spend more time to take photograph here. Oro-Oro Ombo is one of three places in Mount Semeru which i personally think is the most interesting place for photography. In addition to Oro-Oro Ombo, two other interesting places to be explored is Lake Ranukumbolo and Ayek-Ayek.



You can also enjoy the view of Oro-Oro Ombo from the top of the surrounding hills. When i visited there i climbed to the top of the hill to get a different view. From the top of the hill we can clearly see the grassland. In the distance, we can see climbers passing from Lake Ranukumbolo toward Kalimati and vice versa.



Oro-Oro Ombo can be reached on foot from the Ranu Pane Shelter (the initial shelter in climbing Mount Semeru in the village of Ranu Pane) for approximately 4-6 hours. On the way to Lake Ranukumbolo, you will pass through the tracks which are dominated by forest and low to moderate rises. Usually climbers rest and set up camp near Lake Ranukumbolo. And then play around to Oro-Oro Ombo.


Enjoy the beauty of Indonesia!

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