Enjoying Weh Island By Motorcycle

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If you visit Weh Island sometime in the future, we suggest you to try using a motorcycle and feel it’s sensation! ^_^


Weh Island or Pulau Weh is one of the thousands of islands scattered in Indonesia. Weh Island is administratively part of the Aceh Province. The island is approximately 32 KM from the city of Banda Aceh. The island can be reached by crossing the sea from Ulee Lheue Port for about one hour. In one hour, we will arrive at Balohan Port, Weh Island. If you visit this island, in addition to the it’s exotic beaches, there is one other interesting thing that can be found here; it’s smooth and winding streets!



Try to walk the streets on this island from east to west! Ah, really fun! You can start the journey from Sumur Tiga or it could be from the center of Sabang Town (The Capital of Weh Island) to the farthest point of the island, namely Kilometer Zero Monument (KM-0), Indonesia. Along the way you will be treated with beautiful views of the beaches, blue sea, and the green forests on the side of the road.



If you walk the streets in Weh Island, you will feel the pleasure of driving sensations. Most of the streets are still smooth and devoid of motor vehicles. It’s rarely found large trucks as we often see in some big cities in the country.



In addition, the roads here are relatively wide so it is fun to go through. At some point before Kilometer Zero Monument, the roads are narrower. So be careful! Consider another vehicle from the opposite direction. Sound the horn whenever you pass the turn.


There are lot of sharp turns on the road to Kilometer Zero Monument. Another unique thing is that the streets here splitting down the hills. There are some steep rise and fall. Although the streets are deserted and smooth, still keep your vehicle speed to a safe limit to avoid undesirable accident.


Happy holidays!




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